Since AGLOCO was so successful in its massive email/home addy harvesting scam, somebody else is trying to duplicate their success by again coming up with some sort of "revolutionary" idea that is going to "change the internet." is obviously an email harvesting for profit scam, but once again people are being lured into it by the thousands (supposedly) during a "pre-launch" phase similar to what AGLOCO had.

This site is adding the extra lure of claiming they'll split $1 million between all registrants who have at least 2 people in their downline by July 1st. This has created a frenzy of excitement amongst those who don't seem to realize: (1) Their share of this pie will only be $10 or less and (2)Cashblasterpro's own TOS state that they don't actually have $1 million dollars to give away right now, and will only have it if they get bought out or sell public shares.

And interestingly, registration for this site doesn't ask for any kind of information that could be used to pay anybody anything.

Yet people are ignoring all these obvious danger signs and are happily turning over their email addies to a guy who is obviously preying on those who have little or no working knowledge of how the internet works.

Stay far away from this one --- It's got major scam written all over it.

Here's a very informative thread that includes a few comments by the mastermind behind this scam:

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